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Pantheon Art

Pantheon architecture art can be confusing for someone who doesn't realize that there are not one, but two different Pantheon structures in the world. One is in Rome, Italy and the other is in Paris, France. Originally translated as 'place of all gods', these august buildings have since become churches and mausoleums for the influential people of these countries, which include scientists, artists, kings, as well as other notable figures from history.

Many artists choose to portray the two Pantheons together in their monument artwork, as seen in 'The Pantheon' by Denis Diderot. Although many of the examples of Pantheon architecture art are realistic, these building paintings have a subtlety that draws the viewer to make comparisons and see a similarity between the two neoclassical buildings that wouldn't be readily apparent otherwise.
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Pantheon Artwork

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As one of the oldest buildings in the world, the Pantheon in Rome has gained a lot of attention from traditional artists. Monument art like 'View of the Pantheon' by Alessandro Antonelli are fascinating to see, not only because the building looks the same as when he painted it in the early 1900's, but because this painting can be compared to older paintings with the same amount of recognition. Historical paintings like these are rare because they allow the viewer a glimpse into something that has been around for so long that it's a constant feature in their world.

Whether it's executed in photographic architecture art or canvas artworks, these historical monuments ignite imaginations and give viewers a glimpse into a world unlike the modern one they live in and serve as a reminder that those lost will not be forgotten.
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