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Drawings and Etchings Paul Signac Wall Art

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Paul Signac (November 11, 1863 – August 15, 1935) was a trained architect. He decided to follow a career as an artist at the age of 18. For his inspiration, Signac sailed around the coast of Europe and painted the landscapes he encounted. In his later years he also painted the scenes of the cities in France. Many of his paintings are of the French coast. Signac was greatly influenced by Claiude Monet and George Seurat both whom he met in 1884. He was particularly captured by the theory of colors by Seurat and also by his systematic working methods. Before he met Seurat, he used to paint using impressionisms short brushstrokes but he changed this to try small dots of pure color that he scientifically juxtaposed. He intended to use this technique to blend and combine the dots in the viewer’s eye rather than on the canvas, a defining feature of pointillism. Signac left the capital to stay in the south of France each summer. He used to stay at St. Tropez or in the village of Collioure and bought a house where he invited his friends. In March 1889 Signac visited Italy, seeing Naples, Genoa, and Florence. He also made a trip to Vincent van Gogh at Arles. The influence of these visits could be seen in all his pieces of artwork that followed. Signac made etchings, pen-and-ink sketches, and watercolors. He experimented with various media. He inspired Andre Derain and Henri Matisse, thus playing a decisive role in the evolution of Fauvism. Signac’s works have found their way into many public and private galleries and into many art museums.
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