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Word Gil Mayers Wall Art

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Gil Mayers has been a working as an artist since 1991. He’s a local photographer and multi-media artist. Architecture and Art have always been his interests. He started doing art back when Gnagy John was on TV. While he was having some difficulty speaking and reading, he didn’t have trouble following circles or lines. He’s been drawing since the second grade. In the 1990s, after his children were grown, he took up the gauntlet and started following his first love – art. He started off doing a jazz series since jazz was hot then, and he received praises on his work. He chose to do jazz art because it is interesting, melodic and impulsive. Mayers has shown his work at a number of regional venues including the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Locally, he has had shows at Karpeles Manuscript Library, Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, Pedestrian Gallery, FCCJ’s Kent Campus and Florida Theatre. He currently has his art on display at House of Stereo and the Gallery Eclectic Bistro.

Mayers is a member of the Jacksonville Coalition of Visual Arts. His notable corporate collectors include Superstock and Vestcor. Individuals who have purchased his work include Arbus editor Cinda Sherman, attorney Chuck Barnes, and Patricia Vail of Jacksonville Area Legal Aid. Apart from photography, he likes reading, especially the Dorothy Sayers’ mysteries. He also likes to read history books or books about art. If not doing art or reading, Mayers can be found strolling through the Cummer gardens. Mayers says that art is a means of communication. What matters to him is when he can do something that’s inspiring and innovative.
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