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Folsom Flip Fine-Art Print
Folsom Flip
11" x 17"
Price: $30.99
Sale: $15.49
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1 Item
Ocean Clark has a formal education in art, which he says was worthless compared to the education he got as a street vending artist in New Orleans. As Ocean tells: "I painted live in Pirates Alley almost every single day. I'd go downtown with a pile of blank canvases at sunrise, and by noon I'd have a dozen paintings finished. Usually, every painting was sold before I'd go home for the day. A few sold for as little as a beer. More often than not, though, I'd go home with pockets stuffed full of cash. However, the knowledge gained each day was far more valuable than money. When you have thousands of drunk people stopping and talking about the paintings as you're working on them... you really get an incredible wealth of honest critique, which is the best way to improve your craft."
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