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Jota Leal Wall Art

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Jota Leal began drawing and painting at a very young age. He was born in a modest town in east of Venezuela. He never studied fine art. As a child of six years old, he attempted to sit in art class but ran away the moment he was forced to paint empty bottles and plastic fruit. Even at that young age, Leal knew what he wanted to do and that was not painting empty bottles and plastic fruit. He wanted to paint people – real people. He wanted to paint the human faces. His subsequent Christmas and birthday gifts were all limited to drawing materials, crayons and pencils. Leal studied electrical engineering and graduated with honors. After his graduation, it did not take long for his numbers to become colors, circuits to become lines, and brushes to replace the physics theories. He decided to travel to Spain in 2001 where he immersed himself in the history and technique of art.

After some time, he traveled to back to his hometown in Venezuela; this is where, in 2003, he given the Caricaturist of the Year Award. His art follows the imposing tradition of the past’s great portrait painters, as well as the more modern masters of caricature. No one in his family knows how he managed to become a great artist as he was regarded to be a scientist. But he accomplished this because he was so obsessed with painting and drawing. His startling portraits of Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Depp, Al Pacino as Scarface, John Malkovitch, Babe Ruth, etc, are classics of their kind.
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