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Becky Davis Wall Art

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Becky Davis is a botanical artist based in South Carolina. When designing, she focuses on staying true to nature. She likes to show grasses at their full height, and plants with their stems undisturbed. She says it’s best to start small and then move progressively to larger subjects - she presses smaller specimens of her plants between the pages of heavy books like encyclopedias. Once she feels comfortable with that process, she then prepares larger cuttings by layering the plants between sheets of cardboard that she lines with clean newsprint to absorb moisture. She changes the paper periodically and weighs the plants down. Becky pursues indigenous flowers and plants for her astonishing framed botanicals. She picks Black-eyed Susans and wild grasses around fields, Joe-pye weed and Rabbit tobacco, but not without the permission from farmers who live deep in the wilderness of the Santee Cooper lake system.

The most important part of her process to make sure the plants she collects are completely dried, so they don’t mold when they are displayed. This also helps her to collect plants during the hottest part of the afternoon, when there’s no dew to add moisture. The artist also explores less dangerous dry land, taking care to avoid endangered species. Simply put, Becky’s work involves gathering the materials, pressing and drying them, then affixing them to paper. Her art is very popular among botanists and among all those who love nature. She’s currently one of the best artists in South Carolina and is highly sought after.
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