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Crina Prida Wall Art

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Another Place 4 Fine-Art Print
Another Place 4
18" x 18"
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Crina Prida is fiction-based award winning photographer whose work focuses on portraiture and fashion. She spent her teenage years in a very restrictive political context. Those years were probably more limitative in terms of freedom. She was, however, lucky enough to have parents with solid intellectual training, and she says that one of their best decisions was to send her to Art secondary and high school. Upon graduation, she was stuck with the dilemma of choosing between literature or art, which were and still are, her favorite things, and through which she has learnt to express herself, or pick a career that’s 'liberal', which was supposedly going to keep her safe from unemployment, poverty and relocation to some forsaken place as an obscure country librarian or art teacher. She decided to study dentistry, and she’s never had major regrets. The Iron Curtain fall occurred while she was in university and everything sort of fell into another pattern.

She resumed drawing and painting for a few years, and later on, around 2006, she bought her first SLR camera, the Canon 350D. A funny thing she still remembers is a movie she saw as a student, it could have been Swedish or French movie, in which the main character used to meet up with his friends for chats and drinks and while they were at it, he'd pull out a film camera and make portraits of the person opposite to him. Crina liked this habit, and later this obsession came back and she felt a strong urge to produce portraits. She decided to attend the University of Fable, from where she received a Bachelor's degree in Art. She specialized in Photography.
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