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Mark Verlijdonk Wall Art

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Mark Verlijdonk is a UX/UI designer, photographer, runner and music lover. He’s currently based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. He’s currently working at 'Ons creatief buro' on cool projects. He’s a multitalented artist whose artistic ability was discovered when he was still very young. He knew that he would become a professional artist, a photographer, and was lucky to receive support from family, friends and teachers. He also studied the works of the famous photographers that he admired. He knew that if he wanted to ever be a successful artist he would need to practice a lot and that’s exactly what he did. His play of texture, light and dark and delicate tones deliver a profundity and disposition to his subject matter that draws the viewer to stop and take a longer look. Verlijdonk has always had great sell-through with his art.

Once he started working seriously in art he started getting commissions and freelance work on a regular basis. Today his art has found its way into many prestigious museums, galleries, institutions and homes around the world. He has produced hundreds of pieces of art and his art continues to inspire both the upcoming and established photographers. His works are exceptionally good and most of them are privately commissioned. His images are very realistic and make the viewers feel that they have actually seen his subjects and he gets many positive feedbacks. These are what have always kept the artistic fire in him burning. He’s open to learning and always visits art galleries and museums.
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