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Tyler Kearns Wall Art

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Hola Cat Fine-Art Print
Hola Cat
14" x 14"
+ Multiple Sizes
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Tyler Kearns is an artist who lives in Huffman, Texas. All of his life he has loved color. He studied at Hargrave High School before he went to the university at LSU Football where he studied The Art and History of Architecture. He’s the current President of Dez nuts. When making art, Kearns chooses materials that tie in perfectly with the main subject. He chooses mediums that produce art that’s composed of interesting subject matter with bright and vivid colors. Kearns says that art is an outlet that deals with love, beliefs, death, rituals, and what these mean to be human. The artist emphasizes that that’s exactly what art is, expressing humanistic themes and being human. Through his art, he hopes to communicate the amazing feelings he has when he views the world of color around us.

He’s fascinated by the way color changes when one color is put next to another color, and the way it can take on a mood of the subject and affect the way we feel. The artist uses a unique technique to create exciting new imagery. He’d like to share the great joy that color brings into his life with those who view his artwork by creating a new way of experiencing color. Kearns is inspired by the feedbacks that he gets from his viewers. He has a natural sense and connection for his contemporaries and the current society. His art has been exhibited widely and this has made him to have a wide audience and client base.
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