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Framed Duy Huynh Wall Art

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Empty Nest Invocation Fine-Art Print
Empty Nest Invocation
34" x 34"
Price: $316.99
Sale: $158.49
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Duy Huynh is a Vietnamese born fine art artist who creates acrylic paintings that are both poetic and contemplative. His original works are inspired by different stories drawn from movies, music, books, and ancient folklore. He always tries to tell a story through his paintings, although he creates his works in a manner that lets viewers create their own stories as well. Huynh has a cleverly approach to displaying humor and symbolism that enables viewers get immersed into the stories they draw from his works. He does his best to capture themes of geographical and cultural elements embellished with ethereal characters in surreal and dreamlike settings. His works are generally surrealistic. Huynh’s works capture things such as boats, suitcases, trains and several other things that best display travel in both physical and spiritual forms. He got interested in art in the 1980s when he arrived in the US. Because of language challenges, he started painting cartoons, graffiti and comics as a more universal way to communicate.

Interestingly, the first person to commission Huynh was his 3rd grade classmate who paid him $2 and offered him a whole week's supply of chocolate milk so that he could draw for him the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He later studied at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte where he earned a degree in painting and illustration. To show his works to the world, he started painting murals and taking his works to public places such as coffee shops, restaurants, and more. He later worked with Moving Poets Charlotte and Linkin Park where he explored performance art. Huynh currently sells his works through Lark & Key Gallery And Boutique, which he co-owns with his wife. His works have been featured in Spirituality and Health Magazine, Urban Home Charlotte and QCEXCLUSIVE.
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