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Stefano Corso Wall Art

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Malá Strana Fine-Art Print
Malá Strana
24" x 38"
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Mala Strana Fine-Art Print
Mala Strana
12" x 18"
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Stefano Corso (Born in 1968) is an Italian photographer born in Rome, Italy. He has been shooting pictures for many years and has always had a camera everywhere he goes. His love for photography has made him keep all the cameras he has owned, including the film cameras that he acquired years back. He communicates with people through his photos that capture moments that surprise him. Stefano refers to himself as a Street Photographer who spends his time looking around and capturing moments from which he can extract emotions and make them look surreal. He uses both grayscale and color photography, applying each where he deems it fit. For example, if he captures photos that are timeless, he would add an extra bit by making it black and white.

Stefano develops and prints his works personally, allowing him to add his personal touch to every piece. He has taught himself a lot in photography although he feels that he owes a lot to two people; Peter Turnley who is a photojournalist and the person who first triggered in him the idea of photography and Hughes Leglise-Bataille who was a photographer friend who inspired his works. His photos have been used on book covers, cards, and more. Stefani divides his time between Berlin, New York, Rome, and Paris. In 2010, he founded Scuola di Fotografia 42mm Arti Fotografiche, a school that teaches photographic arts. He has offered speeches in different platforms including Fotografica 2012 (Milan), Festival della Fotografia di Pesaro (2013) and Photoshow (Milan and Rome). He is also famous for his image "Red Rain" which is distributed globally as a poster.
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