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James Gibbs Wall Art

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Cambridge in Perspective Fine-Art Print
Cambridge in Perspective
38" x 26"
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James Gibbs (1682 – 1754) was born in Footdeesmire, Aberdeenshire and he died in London. He was the younger son of Ann née Gordon and Patrick Gibbs, the family was Roman Catholic. Gibbs was an architect whose understanding of English and Italian modes set a standard for 18th-century American and British church architecture, and is exemplified in his church of St. Martin, London. He studied with Carlo Fontana in Rome; Gibbs was a leading exponent of the Italian Baroque style. He was advantaged because of his Roman experience that gave him a decisive edge over competitors. When he returned to England in 1709, the first public building he worked on, the church of St. Mary shows most directly the influence of his Italian Baroque. Soon He became the leading Tory architect. There are more than 50 private houses that he built, while others he had a hand on.

His mature style represents a highly skillful amalgamation of both Palladian and Baroque sources. Gibbs is a significant personality whose work covered the shift between a Georgian architecture and English Baroque architecture heavily influenced by Palladio Andrea. His other best-known buildings are the Radcliffe Camera at Oxford and the Senate House at Cambridge. His book that dealt with architecture became the most widely used architectural reference book in Britain during the 18th century. Many people liked it because of the patterns that were presented in the book. His works of art are still popular to date, especially among architects, draughtsmen and people working in the construction industry.
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