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Photography Robert Farkas Wall Art

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Green Dreams Fine-Art Print
Green Dreams
12" x 16"
+ Multiple Sizes
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Robert Farkas is a media artist who is based in Budapest in Hungary. Farkas was 12 when he started to learn painting and drawing. But it was not until recently that he started making digital illustrations. His composites themes are based on lions, stags, foxes, wolves and other wildlife animals. A Russian lady called Valmira Farkas was his first drawing teacher, and he recalls how she was the one who taught him how to see things. He executes his artworks clean and fresh by digitally layering the lonesome pack. He follows in the artistic footsteps of his photographer Mother and Director Father. Many of his artworks can be printed and purchased on ipod covers, t-shirts, and several other medium. Farkas studied digital illustration at BKF University in Hungary.

He likes to explore a theme of wild animals and their relationship with humankind. Farkas loves to use watercolors and mix it with a variety of computer techniques. His artworks usually start with an idea on paper that then he executes digitally. He brings his striking watercolor and digital artwork for all to enjoy. All animals - his visions are delicate yet bold, entertaining yet thoughtful. One thing that he would love to check off his wish list would be to hold an exhibition in New York City someday. His artworks are doing so well in Hungary and beyond. Farkas loves what he does and when he is at it he doesn’t feel as if he is working.
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