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Mark Gibson / Danita Delimont Wall Art

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Wavy Neon Colors and Lighting with Nightzoom Fine-Art Print
Wavy Neon Colors and Lighting with Nightzoom
35" x 23"
+ Multiple Sizes
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Mark Gibson was born in Helena and raised in Missoula. He’s a native of Montanan. Gibson received his first set of oils when he was only 12 years old. This was given to him by his mother. On a scholarship, he attended Montana State University where he studied architecture. Gibson also attended classes on figure drawing, after which he again studied watercolor with Foley Hazel for many years until in 1998 when he switched to oil painting. His studies in architecture, on the path of his work, have had a direct influence on his technique of art production. His tents are themselves an architectural form. Gibson is able to critically analyze his own paintings from the perspective of an architect. He focuses on creating a strong sense of composition having a horizon line and harmonious prospective.

His comprehensive study of watercolor has influenced directly the way he handles oil paint. He says that the more glazes that he adds to each composition, the more realistic and dynamic the outcome. Gibson spends much energy on each individual piece of art, carefully building up washes that are transparent until he achieves the compelling, rich tones he desires. The artist is a strong believer in learning from other artists' work and in peer critiques. He lives and works in Missoula, near the lively art community, and this has contributed to the ongoing conversation that he enjoys with other painters such as Brian Schweine and Brent Cotton. Gibson pushes himself to focus on masterful composition and purity of color.
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