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Jeannie Sellmer Wall Art

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Jeannie Sellmer is interested in making art that evokes both a sense of contemplation and energy, inviting the viewer to engage in the visual realm with a sense of open interpretation and meandering exploration. Form, color, line and texture are the primary guiding elements when she’s painting. Her art is influenced and inspired by organic forms and nature. The stimulus of music, colors, sensations, impressions visual and memories generate ideas and evoke emotions that are interwoven through the evolution of the painting. As she works on her paintings, she builds the surfaces by applying veiled multiple layers of oil paint applied one layer after another in many sessions. Her paintings change with the addition of each layer, though she retains traces of previous colors and marks and obscuring others. This approach creates a depth and history and makes the final product to be so much appealing to the eyes.

Although she may begin an artwork with a general concept of what she wants to convey, she doesn't let it constrain or limit her and prefers to let the process of painting itself guide her or act as a road map to the finished result. Jeannie likes to keep her approach spontaneous; she works the surface while at the same time creates interplay of subtle transitions of texture and color, resulting in a nuanced and complex surface of balance and color harmony. Jeannie completed her fine art education in 1978 at The Art Institute of Boston. She stayed in Massachusetts for several years after her graduation.
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