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Kyle Sims Wall Art

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Kyle Sims (Born in 1980) was born and raised in Wyoming near Cheyenne. His training with the arts began at an early age, but with no formal training in place. His interest and talent was recognized early by his parents and they supported, encouraged and nurtured this passion. Sims had very intelligent art teachers throughout his school years. They not only taught him the principals and fundamentals of art, but also had the ability to let him run with things when they saw they were things that would help in his artistic endeavor. At times they would force him into their view of “good art.” At 16 years of age, he began taking workshops from artists and also began making a living from their work. He also enjoyed the competition that came with athletics, including track, basketball and cross country.

But it was not until around the age of thirteen that he can remember having a strong interest building towards painting, particularly animals. Some of his prominent teachers were artists like Paco Young, Daniel Smith, and Terry Isaac. He began to study the works of those who painted wildlife in the medium of acrylics and in a realistic manner. Sims used acrylics for 5 to 6 years following this time and he remembers it as being a great way to continue his improvement with layering and drawing with paint. He likes acrylics because it dries very quickly and so makes the layering process to be more efficient. He attended Rocky Mountain College after High School.
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