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Cindy Thornton Wall Art

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Psalm 33:5 Fine-Art Print
Psalm 33:5
23" x 8"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $37.99
Sale: $18.99
Paper and String Fine-Art Print
Paper and String
14" x 10"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $33.99
Sale: $16.99
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2 Items
Cindy Thornton (Born 1975) is a contemporary illustrative painter with a vibrant and whimsical style that often incorporates clean lines, touches of surrealism, and bold colors. She currently resides in Orlando, Florida. Cindy’s work has a deceptively simple style which develops into a more demanding and complex sense of authenticity. They stretch beyond the straight forward and beyond the boundaries of visual perception. Most of her paintings have unique and hidden meanings that challenge the imagination of her viewers, but a common theme found throughout her work is love. She believes that each piece of her works is important as they individually contribute their own distinct personality. She expresses that central theme of love in thought-provoking, subtle dreamscapes that are frequently embellished with touches of humor and quirkiness.

Cindy believes her prints are not more important than the techniques she uses to create them. That’s why she concentrates on her technique to obtain the best prints. Much of her work conveys a sense of childlike innocence and simplicity. In fact, she gets tremendous source of inspiration from her three young children. Cindy’s interest in science, love of nostalgic music, and appreciation of nature also influence her artistic choices. Her love for art made her to study art at college but it was not until 2005 when she began actively selling her paintings online. Since then, Cindy has been able to sell hundreds of her original works to collectors around the world. She has also collaborated with local and Asian galleries, and displays her art annually at an international art fair in Taiwan. Cindy also participates regularly in art festivals and events in the southeastern United States.
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