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Framed Dan Campanelli Wall Art

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The Daily Beggars, 1985 Fine-Art Print
The Daily Beggars, 1985
35" x 26"
Price: $259.99
Sale: $129.99
The Daily Beggars, 1985 Fine-Art Print
The Daily Beggars, 1985
22" x 17"
Price: $156.99
Sale: $78.49
House of Decision Fine-Art Print
House of Decision
36" x 27"
Price: $269.99
Sale: $134.99
Daylilies Fine-Art Print
34" x 26"
Price: $257.99
Sale: $128.99
Wash Day Fine-Art Print
Wash Day
40" x 29"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $337.99
Sale: $168.99
The Sycamores Fine-Art Print
The Sycamores
35" x 28"
Price: $280.99
Sale: $140.49
Old Spring House Fine-Art Print
Old Spring House
34" x 25"
Price: $247.99
Sale: $123.99
Mill in the Woods Fine-Art Print
Mill in the Woods
36" x 26"
Price: $267.99
Sale: $133.99
Hope Fine-Art Print
38" x 24"
Price: $261.99
Sale: $130.99
Yule Log Fine-Art Print
Yule Log
35" x 26"
Price: $259.99
Sale: $129.99
Sort By:
10 Items
Seldom are artists able to remain so completely loyal to their original vision while achieving the remarkable popular success of Dan Campanelli, and his wife Pauline. Most of their paintings; Dan's landscapes in watercolor and Pauline's still-life in oils; are among the highest selling prints in modern history. Perhaps it is because the Campanellis, in all facets of their everyday lives, subscribe completely to the traditional American and spiritually Pagan aesthetic expressed in their paintings, that they are so able to convey and reaffirm the simple, luminous beauty of their subjects. For nearly a quarter century, from their little, stone house near Finesville, New Jersey, Dan and Pauline (before her tragic death in 2001) have produced a stunning succession of work which has come to be admired across America and around the world. Much of the subject matter for their work lies literally within a stone's throw of their home. This is where they came to be near the subjects they love to paint. In their hands, plainness transforms to crystal clarity, and austerity becomes majesty, evoking a powerful response from an expansive audience. Powerful indeed, the chord they've struck elevated their sales past one million, and grow at a rate of over 100,000 prints each year. A Campanelli image is something you're likely to recognize, though the name may be one you're learning for the first time. Everywhere you look at their home, Flying Witch Farm, there is a work in progress, neatly stepping toward completion and admission to the Campanelli portfolio of life. The Campanelli paintings, and experience, are the consummate expression of the nobility, simplicity and allure of their lives. Dan's watercolor landscapes include beloved paintings of well-known sites including the Village of Waterloo, Red Mill, Jockey Hollow and Hope Village, along with scores of other homes, barns and mills from Bernardsville to the Delaware Valley. Their appeal is immediate, powerful and irresistibly comfortable.
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