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George Meis Wall Art

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Arched Doorway [black border] (13-3/4 x 19-1/2) Fine-Art Print
Arched Doorway [black border] (13-3/4 x 19-1/2)
14" x 20"
Price: $31.99
Sale: $15.99
Arched Doorway [white border] (19-1/2 x 27-1/2) Fine-Art Print
Arched Doorway [white border] (19-1/2 x 27-1/2)
20" x 28"
Price: $49.99
Sale: $24.99
Green Gate Fine-Art Print
Green Gate
39" x 22"
Price: $53.99
Sale: $26.99
Orange Pot with Lace Curtains Fine-Art Print
Orange Pot with Lace Curtains
39" x 22"
Price: $56.99
Sale: $28.49
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4 Items
Georges Meis’ raw materials for photography include the bare, rocky outcrops that emerge from the blue Aegean. Although the Greek photographer made photos from the age of 14, he only became seriously involved in photography while he was studying to be an electrician. Around 1973, he could no longer restrict his passion to involve his life around photography. This led him to Paris, where he widened his range and views of photographic experience. Meis realized his aims while in Paris then he returned to Greece to establish his name in the glamour of fashion photography. At the peak of his success, he was still not satisfied, so he gave up the commercialism and glamour of fashion photography to concentrate solely on creating fine art photographic prints. Meis walks the length and breadth of the Greek isles with cameras in hand. He seeks out the inconsequential details, the hidden corners of everyday life. Meis loves what he does - the warmth of the Greek people speaks through a well-trodden stairway, a worn mat, an open door.

As a result of his efforts, he’s become a renowned photographer worldwide. He spent five years creating Meis studio while working on fashion photography. He then became involved with presenting and publishing a series of postcards featuring tourism promotion. Meis takes his themes from Continental Greece and Greek islands, and have created international interest. His work has been accepted in the International Fine Art Fair where one would find works of great artists but relatively few photographers. His prints are also published in poster size.
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