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Andrzej Pluta has worked for over 20 years as a fine artist in photography. Born in Wroclaw, Poland in 1950, he attended an art photography school as a young man. Proving his creativity early in life, he was asked to leave the institution after one year due to the experimental nature of his photography. He escaped the political situation in his country in 1970, leaving with his mother and sister. He first traveled to Canada, moving from Winnipeg to Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver undertaking personality photography and editorial fashion photography. Pluta moved to Los Angeles in 1985 where he worked on album covers, ads for high fashion designers and celebrity photography. Unassailably an individualist, his fashion photography focused more on the people and their personality than on the fashion he was shooting, so he decided to quit and pursue his artistic interests. Pluta uses a large format camera for his images, employing complex lighting and technical camerawork to produce a variety of vibrant and colorful abstracted flowers. There is no darkroom or computer manipulation of his affected flower images. The final artwork is always presented as a cibachrome print and has a painterly quality. He is referred to as a modern mannerist with hidden technique, as he leaves visible only the pure simplicity of the image. He feels that he has had no formal training in photography and has developed his own unique style through experimentation. Each series of work produced brings about imaginative abstractions, varied color palettes and unusual camera techniques. Pluta has been exhibited at the Steuben Gallery in New York since 1990. His original artwork has been purchased by private collectors throughout North America and Europe. Pluta currently resides in Canada.
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