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Frank Caldwell Wall Art

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Frank Caldwell (Born 1911) was an artist who was born in San Francisco, California. He developed his passion for art at a young age, having been born in a family of creative people, including an artist and writers. This inspired him into art making, allowing him to take art lessons at a very young age. At the same time, it inspired him to pursue formal art education, attending several different schools such as Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles, Warren Rollins in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and San Francisco School of Design. After earning his art education, Caldwell created several artwork pieces and has offered art lessons at Los Angeles City College. He also served for some time as a U.S. Marine artist before venturing into the entertainment industry. His continuous involvement in art making saw him make a name for himself to become among some of the most respected artists. This led to many of his artwork pieces to be collected by both private and corporate collectors, many of whom continue to have them. They are also available in galleries located across the U.S. among several other global locations. Caldwell’s works cover a variety of topics, some of which include animals. His art are still widely sought after and are thus widely sold by galleries. For many who want ready to hang art, several galleries avail Frank Caldwell framed art. Other available finishing options in some of these galleries and art dealerships are canvas, lamination, and prints.
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