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Modern Carol Rowan Wall Art

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Kachina Basket Fine-Art Print
Kachina Basket
16" x 16"
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Carol Rowan (1938 - 2 November, 2012) was an American artist who specialized in painting flowers and gardens. For more than a decade, Carol focused on painting, getting her inspirations from the things around her, from animals, flowers, landscapes, and household items. She went to Cranbrook Academy of Art where she received her Master of Fine Arts. Carol combined her painting work and art teaching until her retirement in 1998. After retirement, she focused all her time and resources to creating art. She had quite a unique style that involves a combination of different color blends to come up with stunningly beautiful pieces on pastels. Her style was defined by relationships between different colors, light variations and an underlying sense of energy. While a teenager, Carol liked the works of Jackson Pollack, something that made her visit Vermeer's Metropolitan Museum of Art quite often. She was later to be inspired by the artistic creations of Thomas Cole and Fredrick Church. Her love for other artists' works made her travel a lot to different galleries just to enjoy a look at them. This was until she discovered her own talent, which she explored extensively to deliver inspiring pieces of art.

Carol worked and lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It's through her daily work and eye for detail that she managed to transform the things around her into luminous images that properly capture both color and light. She spent most of her time on her career, but also balanced it with raising her family back in the 1970s and 80s. Carol received several recognitions for her exemplary works, with some of her works finding their way to the permanent collections of several galleries, including Quad Graphics, Northeastern Mutual Life, and Miller Brewing. Because she focused on fine art after retirement, she really blossomed at that point in her life.
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