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Campbell's Soup Art

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Campbell's Soup Artwork

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Campbell's Soup (Ica) Fine-Art Print
Campbell's Soup (Ica)
11" x 14"
Price: $19.99
Sale: $9.99
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1 Item
Campbell soup art are some of the most iconic modern art prints available to art audiences today. These pop art paintings helped to change the way that people thought about art and the world around them, and have influenced modern art images ever since. It isn't too far of a stretch to claim that without Campbell soup art, how people think of art today would be drastically different.

The first instances of Campbell soup art were created by Andy Warhol, the pop artist who helped to trigger the modern art movement in the 1950's and 60's. These works, such as 'Campbell's Soup I: Cream of Mushroom, 1968' portray the iconic soup can and label in different colors. These commercial pop artworks originally began as a commentary on the rise of commercialism and popular culture after the war.
Like many commercialized brands of the time, Campbell soup art paintings soon became an important part of American lifestyles after World War II. These innovative expressions quickly gave rise to American iconographic art. These modern paintings revealed the American desire to move forward with their lives and focus on domestic, homely subjects.

Despite the simple subject matter, Campbell soup can prints have become some of the most recognizable artworks of modern times. These works have affected not only food art but have also served as a gateway of expression for modern art enthusiasts and painters, by revealing a new way for art to comment on politics, popular culture, and other aspects of modern life.
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