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Cove Art

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Cove Paintings

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85 Items
Capri Cove Fine-Art Print
Capri Cove
22" x 18"
Price: $38.99
Sale: $19.49
Paxton Cove Fine-Art Print
Paxton Cove
30" x 20"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $70.99
Sale: $35.49
Lighthouse Cove Fine-Art Print
Lighthouse Cove
13" x 17"
Price: $26.99
Sale: $13.49
Palm Cove II Fine-Art Print
Palm Cove II
8" x 20"
Price: $24.99
Sale: $12.49
Palm Cove I Fine-Art Print
Palm Cove I
8" x 20"
Price: $24.99
Sale: $12.49
Cove At Portofino Fine-Art Print
Cove At Portofino
27" x 33"
Price: $49.99
Sale: $24.99
River Cove With Palms II Fine-Art Print
River Cove With Palms II
30" x 24"
Price: $56.99
Sale: $28.49
Outrigger Cove - mini Fine-Art Print
Outrigger Cove - mini
14" x 11"
Price: $18.99
Sale: $9.49
Crystal Cove Fine-Art Print
Crystal Cove
24" x 32"
Price: $43.99
Sale: $21.99
Tranquil Cove Fine-Art Print
Tranquil Cove
38" x 26"
Price: $51.99
Sale: $25.99
River Cove With Palms I Fine-Art Print
River Cove With Palms I
30" x 24"
Price: $49.99
Sale: $24.99
Cobblestone Cove I Fine-Art Print
Cobblestone Cove I
24" x 38"
Price: $46.99
Sale: $23.49
Mermaid Cove Fine-Art Print
Mermaid Cove
8" x 10"
Price: $19.99
Sale: $9.99
Whaler's Cove Morning Fog Fine-Art Print
Whaler's Cove Morning Fog
30" x 24"
Price: $45.99
Sale: $22.99
Secluded Cove Fine-Art Print
Secluded Cove
39" x 28"
Price: $54.99
Sale: $27.49
Inland Cove Fine-Art Print
Inland Cove
28" x 22"
Price: $25.99
Sale: $12.99
Dawn Monument Cove Fine-Art Print
Dawn Monument Cove
19" x 13"
Price: $25.99
Sale: $12.99
Hidden Cove Fine-Art Print
Hidden Cove
25" x 29"
Price: $34.99
Sale: $17.49
Peggy's Cove Giclee
Peggy's Cove
10" x 15"
Price: $44.99
Sale: $22.49
The Cove Giclee
The Cove
23" x 16"
Price: $64.99
Sale: $32.49
The Cove Fine-Art Print
The Cove
17" x 12"
Price: $25.99
Sale: $12.99
Rocky Cove and 15th Green Giclee
Rocky Cove and 15th Green
22" x 16"
Price: $109.99
Sale: $54.99
Hamilton Cove Fine-Art Print
Hamilton Cove
28" x 25"
Price: $45.99
Sale: $22.99
Cove Fine-Art Print
10" x 10"
Price: $23.99
Sale: $11.99
Bahama Cove Fine-Art Print
Bahama Cove
13" x 17"
Price: $28.99
Sale: $14.49
Day in the Cove II Fine-Art Print
Day in the Cove II
12" x 36"
Price: $38.99
Sale: $19.49
Bahama Cove Fine-Art Print
Bahama Cove
24" x 30"
Price: $56.99
Sale: $28.49
Palmetto Cove Fine-Art Print
Palmetto Cove
36" x 26"
Price: $56.99
Sale: $28.49
Sunset Cove Fine-Art Print
Sunset Cove
18" x 12"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $40.99
Sale: $20.49
Wainanapanapa State Park Maui HI USA Fine-Art Print
Wainanapanapa State Park Maui HI USA
27" x 9"
Price: $57.99
Sale: $28.99
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85 Items
Coves are a type of small, slightly enclosed bay or coastal inlet to an ocean or a lake. They take their form based on how rocks are aligned against water waves or inlet movements. In real life, they provide viewers with breathtaking scenes and memorable attractions. Cove pictures too have their appeal, making them great pieces for wall decoration. They provide the same wonderful inspirations and are a great way to give an initially dull room some life. Our collection gives you several choices, enabling you to make the most fitting selections for any interior. Whether you want cove photos and paintings that also contain canoes, buildings, fishes, pine trees, or just the clove, you have it all here. "Outrigger Cove - mini" by Paul Brent is a picture of a cove that provides wide content that boasts of a clove, canoe, and palm trees. These images can thus be used at home, in a hotel room, an office, or any other place deemed fit as long as you derive the right inspirations and get a more beautiful design.
Different people have different ideas about their interior designs and the place where one would like to use these pictures of a cove may also differ. For example, one may want to use these images in a hotel room, home interior or office. Your decision should therefore be guided by the room where you plan to mount them. Besides selecting the most appropriate cove images, you can also select from our diverse finishing options for better aesthetics. The finishing options we have for you are framing, lamination, and canvas printing. Every enhancement option has its benefits and can be used to achieve a desired outcome. A good example is using canvas printing to make the artwork adaptable to different design environments.
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