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Hudson River Paintings

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Hudson River Art

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26 Items
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26 Items
Hudson River art shows this well-known river in a variety of settings, the most common of which is the part flowing through New York City. The photographs featured here serve to display the natural beauty of this popular waterway for decorative use, often in combination with the famous manmade landscape of the largest city it traverses.

The Hudson River, named after Englishman Henry Hudson, spans 315 miles through eastern New York. It serves as a means of transportation as well as a route for trade, and cuts a wide and majestic path through the surrounding landscape. Its blue, flowing waters, along with its appearance in one of the world’s most famous cities, make it an appealing candidate for artistic portrayal. Many of the Hudson River photographs in this section use the river as an accent to the skyline of New York City, with the city as the main focus of the piece.
The artwork that commemorates this river is suitable for use as part of a larger theme. Some of this Hudson River artwork can be used as an addition to almost any nature-themed decor, while other pieces from this section are more congruent with an area featuring cityscapes and modern marvels.

There are many different colors on display in these works of art. The rich blue hues of the river under the afternoon sun will match well with cheerful and colorful surroundings, and the deep reds and oranges of a sunset over the Hudson make a great fit in an area with deep, warm hues. There are also Hudson River prints of the waterway at night, with the bright lights of the city illuminating the background.
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