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Lake George Fine Art

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Lake George, Autumn, 1927 Fine-Art Print
Lake George, Autumn, 1927
38" x 24"
Price: $64.99
Sale: $32.49
A Perspective View of Lake George and a Plan of Ticonderoga Fine-Art Print
A Perspective View of Lake George and a Plan of Ticonderoga
18" x 24"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $32.99
Sale: $16.49
Lake George Fine-Art Print
Lake George
20" x 14"
Price: $37.99
Sale: $18.99
Sort By:
25 Items
Lake George, the namesake for a town in New York, is also a beautiful lake. It is a beautiful elongated lake that stretches around 51 km. Many people take pictures of, or paint, the lake to help preserve its natural beauty. Lake George Art is one way to show your love for the natural world and all of its wonders. From paintings to prints, you can enjoy the glory that is Lake George and the town surrounding it.

Lake George Wall Prints offer remarkable landscapes, which can be displayed on their wall. Pieces like “View of Dock, Lake George, New York State, USA” and “Minne Ha Ha Steamboat at dock, Lake George, New York State, USA” by Panoramic Images show the town life intermingled with the lake. It takes the modern day and the beauty of nature and puts them together in high quality prints.
Other pieces, like “Lake George Autumn 1927” by Georgia O’Keeffe, provide the more natural and beautiful look at the lake and its surrounding wilderness. These Lake George Art pieces take the lake for what it is and helps display nature in any home.

Lake George Wall Prints come in so many different shapes and sizes, real or painted, and can be placed on any wall in any home setting. Lovers of nature and water, or lovers of boats, can easily find places where these would fit. Lake George is definitely a beautiful lake, so who wouldn’t want it on their wall?
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