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NBA Championship Posters

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NBA Championship Art

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73 Items
Winning the NBA championship is far more difficult than prevailing in any other North American sport, with a couple of teams dominating the league. The fact that the Lakers and Celtics have won more trophies than all the other teams combined says a great deal about how meaningful each victory is. NBA Championship posters are always in high demand, not only by Los Angeles or Boston fans, but anyone passionate about basketball and can provide the best money can buy.
With two teams winning most of the trophies, it comes as no surprise that most of the NBA championship art prints at are dedicated to either Celtics for Lakers. Even so, none of them won the trophy in the last four years, with new teams stepping up and challenging the all-time leaders. Dallas, Miami and San Antonio added their name on the winners list with victories in recent years so fans have some amazing NBA championship prints to remind them of those wins.

Boston was extremely effective in the final series, leaving no chance to opponents to cause an upset, but their peers put up a fierce fight and there is NBA championship wall art highlighting that effort. The runners-up are entitled to take pride in their achievement by proudly displaying posters of those games, despite the outcome. With Phil Jackson as head coach and Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen on the court, Chicago converted all their finals appearances. As the fans are waiting for another win, they can fondly remember those moments by admiring the NBA championship posters.
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