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Wheatfield with Crows

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Wheatfield with Crows Prints

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8 Items
Wheat Field with Crows is an immensely popular painting by Vincent Van Gogh, and may very well have been the last one he painted. This piece depicts a deep blue sky filled with crows flying in an unspecified direction over a windswept wheat field, where a single path in the landscape continues on into the horizon.

These Wheat Field with Crows art pieces blend wonderfully with many different decorative approaches. The bold, dark coloring mixes well with similar color schemes, but can also make a powerful statement when placed against lighter, paler hues.
Wheat Field with Crows art piece is painted in Van Gogh’s signature style, the swirling brush strokes and melancholy feel of the piece creating a very distinct mood in its viewers. It is often viewed as a depiction of the sadness and despair that life sometimes contains, but can serve as a powerful reminder that the finer things in life should not be taken for granted.

In addition to being a valuable decorative asset, a Wheat Field with Crows print can also serve as an attractive art piece that enthusiasts can truly appreciate. When placed alongside other famous masterpieces, this painting can make a tasteful addition to any fine art collection. Wheat Field with Crows wall poster can be displayed as part of a larger theme, such as natural landscape paintings or Van Gogh’s most popular works, and can simply stand on its own as a bold singular accent to its surroundings.
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